About us

    Jilin Guanjie Biotechnology Co., LTD. (formerly Jilin Shuguang Biotechnology Co., LTD.) was established in 2009. It is a national designated enterprise for the production of avian influenza vaccine using serum-free total suspension cell culture production technology approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is also a Sino-foreign high-tech joint venture enterprise approved by Jilin Economic and Technological Cooperation Bureau.

      The total area of the company is 265,000 square meters, the construction area is 33,000 square meters; The total investment is 370 million yuan and the registered capital is 190 million yuan. There are 141 employees, more than 90% have bachelor's degree.

     The company has independent research and development of automatic inactivated vaccine production workshop, the annual output of 2.4 billion vaccine; The technology is in the international advanced, domestic leading position, is the investment in the construction of Shuguang Town, Meihekou City, Jilin Province, set production, sales, research and development as one of the core backbone enterprises.

The company vision

As A POULTRY vaccine MANUFACTURER, WE HAVE ESTABLISHED EXTENSIVE TECHNICAL COOPERATION WITH DOMESTIC FIRST-CLASS SCIENTIFIC research INSTITUTIONS TO carry out research AND development, technical innovation and equipment renewal for poultry vaccines in order to protect the epidemic prevention needs of the poultry industry. Stable product quality, perfect product structure, with high quality products and quality service for the healthy development of poultry industry to make contributions.

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